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43 West 29th Street. New York City May First IN Soviet Russia the first of May is no longer a holiday in the sense that it is in other countries.
The Russian proletniiat has conquered. The Dictatorship of the Prolctariat is raising and equipping great armies. and hurling them against the Imperialist forces on all frontiers. Within the country, crippled as it is by the disorganization which inevitably succeeds war. and civil war in particular; starved by the invasion and blockade of Allied troops; inheritor of the collapse of Tsarism and Capitalism, and beset for a year by the ferocious hostility of Moderate Socialism the Workers and Peasants Government is increasing industrial production, building railways, roads, canals and gigantic power projects, opening mines, and establishing thousands of new schools.
That it is able to accomplish these miracles?
seems incredible to the bourgeois. But to the So.
cialist there is nothing improbable about it. Capitalism obstructs development. Capitalism ruppresse: human aspirations: Capitalism is inefficient.
May Day, 1918, came at the darkest period of Soviet Russia history, when the Treaty of BrestLitovsk had placed Russia at the mercy of Imperial Germany, then victorious in the West, and the Allies co operated with the German advance eastward by landing troops in Archangel and Vladivostok, the beginning of a vast international ofl ensive against the halfmnderstood menace of the new Russian Government. Industry and transportation were almost at a standstill; food was scarce; and the Red army was still negligible.
Yet it was on that dark May Day that Moscow was decked with crimson, the» young Socialist troops paSscd in review through the streets, and thirty seven statues to the great dead of the international Labor Movement were unveiled. And the Government announced that May Day, as far as it repraented the revolutionary ambitions of the Russian workers and peasants, would henceforth cease to be celebrated as a holiday.
Today, May lst. the darknua over Russia is slowly lifting. Except for minor setbacks; the Soviet emits are everywhere victorious, not alone with the weapons of war. but with propaganda.
In all countries the working class, which at first was apathetic, has awakened little by little to the, real situation. few months ago the workers of England, France, Italy and America were opposing intervention in Russiz; t: they want 3: lcnow why the Dictatorship of the Proletariat cannot be applied to their own countries.
Never in the history of the world has an idea made such swift and thorough conquests. Amid the crush of bankrupt Capitalism falling, the workm of country after country set up th Soviets and establish the Prolctarian Dictatorship. Hungary, Bavaria, then Italy, Germany. The great exploited masses of India, Egypt, China, stir and clamor. The basis of Finance Imperialism, without which Capitalism is mined. is crumbling.
May Day for Russia is a holiday of the part.
But today Moscow, Munich and Budapest flower in streets of red, and ring to the tramp of the proletarian battalions, making celebration for its for the nations as yet pools of quid water beside the torrent of the Social Revolution which rises, a red world tide, and floods the face of Europe.
May Day, 1919. Date forever memorable, the world wide blaze of trumpets announcing the fall of a great social system, Capitalism, and the emergaice of the age in which mankind will be truly free.
May Day. summons to the worker masses to make ready for the last great War. Dark lies the cloud of history, shot through with terrible light. tugs. But victory is inevitable.
Who Is Splitting the Party?
HE chief accusation against the Left Wing is that it is attempting to split the Party. This is the burden of every Right Wing attack upon us; like Bolshevism in the capitalist press, it covers a multitude of sins. This charge has been hurled at every individual or group who has dared to difi cr with the Party leaders, or protest against their stultifying tactics.
During the bitter fight between Industrial Unionism and of ism, those who stood for revolutionary labor organization were reviled as separatists and disrupters. The adoption of Article Two, Section Six, in the Party Constitution, by the Right Wing, drove the revolutionary elements out at our Party, separated it from the class Conscious workers, and threw it into the arms of the. pctit bourgeoisie.
The result of the internal strife at that time was the expulsion or resignation of a great number of revolutionary Socialists from the Party, and its complete surrender to moderate Socialism But the St. Louis Convention of 1917 removed Article Two, Section Six from the Constitution, proving that the rank and file realized what a disastrous course the Party had taken.
We, the left Wing, representing the vast majority of the rank and file, who, no matter if at times they have been confused by the miserable tricks of Party politicians, are souhdly revolutionJ ary by instinct we have profited by the lessons of the past. We have no intention of being forced out of the Party by the Right Wing. We have no intention of splitting the Party, not because we.
The following telegram to Eugene Debs, od dressed to Mnundiville Jail, Mauna sville, m.
by the delegates o the Third Convention of the knnm un Federation a the Socialist Party, reprerenting 6, 000 members, was rz urea IIammi uinn by leunn Irlegmplt companies. The spirit a the message will be transmitted to Debs by mu a!
thought, born out o! the solidarity o the awakening workers, over which Bwlunn, and the further clan which he is a typical representative. can exercise no control. The physical message will, doubt, Ieaclt Debs in the course time. May Day loom: on the barium. Dear Comrade Debs. The Third Convention of the Ukrainian Federation of the Socialist Party of America sends you hearty proletarian greetings. The iron bars which divide you from in, at the same time hasten our common ideals, and strengtha: our courage in the mighty struggle against capitalism. Your example, dear comrade, inspires us; and we promise you to follow your path in our proletariat: struggle until we are victorious. We believe the victory of our common ideals in near. We believe that The day of the people has come. The New York Communist are afraid of a split for on a qu tjon of prin ciple it is better to split and keep an splicing rather than compromise with reaction but because we intend to capture the Party machinery and mold the American 110va into an effective weapon with which to fight the battles of the working class.
It is for this purpose that we have organich into a group within the Party the left Wing; it is for this purpose that we have formulated a program and a set of principles, definitely opposed to the outwom principles and program actuating the present Party ruling class; this is why we have joined in the call for an Emergency Convention, in which we can state our position, discuss it in open Socialist debate within the ranks of the Party, and finally, register the depision of the rank and file by means of the regular Party machinery.
To this perfectly legitimate course of action the Right Wing, in control of the Executive Committee of Local New York, opposes brutal strongmrm tactics.
Hundreds of workingmai who want to join the Party are held up while a committee of miserable Socialist politicians catechisea them to find out if they have Bolshevik tendencies. As soon as a Branch has a Left Wing majority, and takes action to re eleet its delegates to the Central Committee, a minority of the Old Gunny is empowered by the Executive Committee to reorganize that Branch, expelling most of the members, locking up the Branch headquarters, carrying 011 the furniture, and beating up delegates who protest. In carrying out these measures the Right Wing do not hesitate to appul to the police for help. The 17th Branch has already been reorganized in this manner; out of more than four hundred members, only thirty two have been accepted as orthodox enough to remain. The same action is being taken with regard to the lBth 20th Branch as we go to press. In all this there is not the slightest trace of legality. Gerber openly says that he doesn care whether it is legal or not.
His letter on mother page of this issue will provide further illumination to the Comrades.
Who is splitting the Party we, the Left Wing.
who have announced our opal intention of capturing the Party by means of the majority vote of the delegates of the rank and file in Party Convention assembled? Or the Right Wing in New York, which is disrupting Branch after Brandi, disfranch.
ising hundreds of Comrades, by illegal action of the Executive Committee? The Executive Committee has indefinitely suspended the meetings of the Central Committee, a superior body because the Branches were elwting a majority of Left Wing delegates to that body. And behind closed door: the Executive Committee functions, hurling hull: of communication against all Branch: in which Left Wing majority Ippeltl.
The fundamental difl erence between Left and Right Wing is summed up in the question of which lnternational shall the American Socialist Party join. The Left Wing declares clearly for the Communist International. the Third International summoned by lain; all the sympathies and connections of the Right Wingers are with the bankrupt Second International, which has played havoc with European Socialism much in the same way that the Right Wing has played havoc with the American Socialist movement.
These petty dissolution and reorganisationa of Branches in local New York, thee calling: upon the police for help in internal Pony dilIercnoaI, these suspmnions of the Central Committee mesh logs, are perhaps in thorn elves of little importance in the world Socialist movement. But they are symptomatic of grant thing They point with fatal logic to the attitude of the Majority Social Democrau in Germany, who, in time of revolution, instead of calling upon the police for help, mrued loose Noske and his medulla gun agaim the l