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The New York Communist An Outline of the Communist International Adopted by the Congress of the Communist International in Moscow (March 6, 1919 peasants, sooner or later bad to expect to meet each istic armies; and exposes the total incapability of THE. contradictions concealed in the womb of others in a fiecarul conflict, booner or later had to the ruling class to direct any longer the destiny of the people masses that is the picture of modern mendous power in a terrible explosion the great iginated the great crime the robber world war.
conditions througliout the world. Man, whose calimperialist world war.
Capitalism endeavored to overcome its contra ture is now ruined, is menaced by annihiliation Capitalism endeavored to overcome its own an. dictory social structure. Bourgeois society is a There is only one power which can save him; the archy through the organization of production. In class society but capital in the great civilized states power of the proletariat. The old capitalist or.
stead of numerous rival employers mighty capital attempted to conceal the social contrasts. At the der is gone, it cannot prevail any more. The ist corporations were formed (syndicates, kartells, expense of the robbed colonial peoples capital cor.
final. csult of the capitalist system of production trusts. The financial interests (or bank capital) rupted its wageslaves, created the reciprocity of united with industrial capital; the whole economic interests between exploited and exploiters in relais chí vs, and only the great productive class, the life was unus swayed by the financial capital oligar. tion to the subjugated colonies yellow, black, and working class, can bring order out of this chara chy, which, thanks to its organization, became the red colonial people and fettered the European This it will accomplish by building the new sy sole ruler of the nation. Instead of free competi and American workingclass to the imperialistic tem of society, the Communist system. The work ers must destroy capitalist rule, must make war imtion monopoly prevailed. The individual capital. Fatherland.
ist became the corporation capitalist. The insane But the same method of permanent. corruption, possible, annihilate the boundary lines of states, anarchy of competition was supplanted by organ from which the patriotism of the workingclass and reduce the whole world to a community working for itself, and realize the brotherhood and libero.
its intellectual subjugation originated, brought tion of all people.
But as the anarchy of the capitalist system of forth ihe opposite result, due to the war. The production was substituted by capitalist organiza physical annihilation, total enslavement, terrible Against this world capital arms itself. Under tion in each individual country, the competitive pressure, mišery, degeneration and world hunger the disguise of the League of Nations and pacifio combats, the anarchy, in world production became of the proletariat is the final tribute to the capi tic phrases it inakes a last desperate effort to bol ever more acute, and the struggle between the best talist system, which is already collapsing. The im ster up the falling remnants of the capitalist sy tem and direct its force against the ever growing organized robber states led to the horrible world. perialistic war has developed into civil war.
war as a natural result. The greed for profit forced This marks a new epoch the epoch of the aboli proletarian revolution.
the world capitalist groups to fight among them. tion of Capitalism, its decomposition, and the rise In answer to this huge new conspiracy of decay.
selves for new markets, new sources of duties and of the Communist revolution of the proletariat. ing Capitalism the proletariat must conquer politi.
raw material, the cheap labor power of the colon. The imperialistic system collapses and produces cal power. This power it must direct against ito ial slaves. The imperialist states, which shared fermentation in the colonies, and among the form clase enemies, and set in motion all the wheels of among them the whole world, and reduced to erly dependent small nations; a revolt of the pro. economic revolution. The final victory of the beasts of burden many millions of African, Au letariat resulting in victorious proletarian revolu. world proletariat means the beginning of the real stralian, Asiatic and American proletarians and tion in some countries; the abolition of imperial history of liberatod man.
Why Political Democracy Must Go fbcient. Concluded from page 4)
In 1912 and 1913 the abuses of serage industrial ranza Government, and promising in case of so ere so firmly intrenched in power that they could tyranny provoked a series of gigantic labor trou cess to leave the property of foreigners alone.
ot be dislodged. Also, the interests would be bles Lawrence, Paterson, Michigan, Colorado, etc. During the War, the United States Gorernment, the position of Opposition Party, where they The small property holder became alarmed, and de with armed force, has overthrown the Government ould safely sabotage the Democratic administre manded that these abusos be remedied.
of two Carribean countries, Haiti and Santo Do ion and at the same time criticize it for being in. So much for the most important political ric mingo, and set up a military dictatorship there tories of what were, without contradiction, the great The Federal Reserve Act, designed to avoid Woodrow Wilson, author of the New Freedom, majority of the voters in the United States the panics, was framed by the Big Interests. It does vas elected to the Presidency by the small property. small property holders and those dominated by not provide against panics but on the contrary, it Lolder the Progresive elements. The achieve their psychology. If political democracy places the Treasury of the United States at the Dents of his first administration reflect the con worked, this majority, which elected the President, mercy of the great financial interests.
stituency which elected him.
and swept Congress and the Legislatures, should Groat wealth has been taxed to run the GovernFirst, defeat of the open imperialist scheme to have bocri able to enforce it will ment, and the War but the Government has be ines Mexico. The small property holder is not But what has actually happened? The Imper.
come more and more an instrument designed to partner in Imperialism, any more than he is ialist scheme to annex Mexico was temporarily deprotect and foster private property; that is to wy, partner in the great ti ubio. Capitalist Imperialism feated but last month the American State Depart. to create ever more and more great woulth.
does away with the small property holder. There ment warned the Mexican Government not to dare The Industrial Relations Commission dincov.
fore he is opposed to annexations, and can afford carry out its plan of heavily taxing the oil wells ered such hideous industrial conditions in America, to give humanitarian sentiments full play. owned by American capitalists and passports definitely to the fact Second, the Federal Reserve Ach The small were give to American oil kings to go to Paris and conditions which pointed that only the Social Revolution could cure then, property holder has a desperate fear of financial present the private property claims to the Peace that the small property bolders became frightened.
panics, which eliminate him at one blow. He Conference. And even as write, a counter revoluThe Commission was discredited by both pluto tion financed by Americar and foreign oil interesta, wants to guard against them, and stabilize finance with a bureau of information in New York financratic and Progressive press (such papers as the so that the plutocrats cannot destroy him at will.
New Republic being particularly casperated by Third, Taxation of Great Wealth. The locomecial district, is attempting to overthrow the Car.
the intemperateness of its report. Nothing and Inheritance taxes are for the purpose of reliev. The Eight hour Law belongs to a category which ever came of it, except such schemes as John ing the overwhelming burden of taxation which lies shall crear later.
Rockefeller s, which pretended to cure conditions opon the small property holder.
by making Labor even more helples.
Fourth, The Industrial Relations Commission, The Child Labor Law was declared unconstito Child Lahor Low, etc. Social legislation is the To Bronx Branches tional by the Supreme Court, in spite of the small property holder method of reforming capi.
widely heralded appointment of Louis Brandeis, talism so that be can exist in it. He is at the mercy Lettish Branch No. 1, at regular monthly. Liberal, a Supreme Court Justice of both organized Labor and organized Capitul, and meeting, decided to invite the other branches of Local Bronx which have joined the Left Thus we can we the failure of political demoo is more affected by labor troubles than the great Wing to arrange a besuar for the benefit of racy oven among the ruling clothe property.
capitalist. He must conciliate both Labor and Cap the Left Wing paper, The Communist Please holders, where Marx ways one of its most important ital. At the same time, he is not interested in discuss the inatter at your membership meel functions is to act u arbitrator.
wholesale cheap labor, and he himself is too close ings and communicate immediately with the Secretary of the Lottish Branch.
The grand bourgeoisie makes me of the State to the proletariat, and too liable to be pushed into ANDERSON. to conserve and extend great capitaliu interest its ranks, to relish the idea of man Harvation and 355 Crimmins Ave. Bronx, the expense of all ochar clases.
debauchery of the workers. be continued