The New York Communist The Pink Terror THERE III. Frightfulness in the 2nd and 6th Brauches was terror in the ranks of the Right While all this was going on in the 2nd D. the thus averted the necessity of having the Right Wing Buccaneers. At the regular meeting of Right Wing was holding a parliamentary masacre Wing members speak twice each to the same mo the 2nd on the evening of Friday, April 25th, in the headquarters of the 6th at 106 Arcano tion.
in spite of the presence of that Grand Old Man of The meeting opened with the election of The motion was then put to the house and with Socialism, Meyer London, a Left Wing majority dummy chairman, semi Comrade Alexander, who the able assistance of the Right Wing tellers whoue developed during the meeting went through the motions of a eyesight is reported to be variable, sometimes Mitchell Loeb, Nagin, Alexander Kahan, Jude regular chairman while in reality Beckerman dic they see double and other times they can hardly tated the procedure.
Panken, Kraemer, and the forward bunch, sec at all. was carried 60 to 40. The entire Left were in almost constant communication with Mr. After Beckerman had set the stage to suit his fell Wing membership of the 6th was thus comGerber over a private wire, and several times dur. designs by altering the regular order of business, pletely wiped out of existence and the branch ing the evening it was seriously debated as to he rose to report as a delegate to the Central Com made saſe for democracy.
whether or not the police ought to be called in. mittee. Old timers of the Right Wing gaped in open mouthed ad. miration as he jumped from mis. Right Wing standpoint. In the moment of victory Now comes the real tragedy of the affair fron Comrade Kessler, delegate to the Central Comstatement to misstatement, omitting in his verbal mittee, rose to report concerning the last meeting leaps everything that would reveal the real charac they have to acknowledge defeat, not only in the of that body, when the unsuccessful attempt was branch but throughout the entire Local. In order ter of the machine purpose at the Central Commade to reorganize the 17th The Semi mittee. He dealt at length with the reorganizato carry out their own motion they are forced to resort to that Right Wing horror of horrorrorComrades above mentioned did not want to hear tion of the 17th representing that the the ghastly details. Comrade Loeb insisted that it branch had dissolved itself, concealing the fact ganization within an organization.
was customary first to read the typewritten report that dissolution of a Branch can only occur with Scarcely had the meeting adjourned when disof the meeting sent out by Gerber, before the dele the consent of the Executive Committet vi the Local patch riders were seen speeding up Avenue in gates reported and Comrade Kahan backed him and neglecting to mention the Left Wing motion the direction of the nearest job printer, and in less up. However, fortunately the Chairman was a for a committee of seven (three from the Right time than it takes to tell the printing presses were Left Winger, Comrade Marks, so the report pro three from the Left and an impartial chairman humming at high speed turning oot pledge cards, ceeded. When it came to the part about the loot agreed upon by the other six) to investigate the whereon the Right Wingers will inscribe their do ing of the 17th the Right Wingers tried their matter of the 17th voted adherence to the principles of Scheidetaann best to stop Comrade Kessler by raising points of After he had warmed up to his subject be proSocialism, receiving in return the right to voto on order. Unable to accomplish this, Loeb screamed ceeded to slam the Left Wing in a canner thai all matters coming before the branch.
that Kessler was reporting lies but he had to withdraw the charge. Not satisfied with that, he made his audience sigh with regret that the atmo Thus organization within organization is vinstated on the floor that Comrades Mar Cohen and sphere in the Aldermanic chamber is not so condicated for all time and those who have hitherto Brabdy had eummoned the police to the Central ducive to eloquence as that of Avenue In a lain awake o nights thinking out speeches against Committees statement which once again Loeb tremendous peroration, that so eatranced the chair.
this vicious method are now among its warmest adman that he recognized a Left Winger immediately herents. It is rumored that the Branch bas cowas forced to withdraw.
afterward in a moment of forgetfulness, and had to gaged Julius Gerber, at enormous expense, to loc.
After considerable ruction, during which our ex. be rescued by a well placed point of order from ture on how to perfect this duplication of organCongressman is said to have scratched and bit the the Right, Beckerman pleaded that action be taken ization, and that he will show drafts of secret let.
Chairman because his honor was not invited to upon his report.
ters to faithful members, original minutes of so speak on Rutgers Square, the discussion of the ro It is said that the timid suggestion from a Left cret meetings, and will wind up with some useful port of the Central Committee was postponed unWinger that the recall of Beckerman from the cen suggestions as to pass words and subterranean til the next meeting.
tral Committee would be appropriate action was passages.
As said at the beginning, there was terror in the met with howls of denunciation, and action was Bonfires, it is said, will be lighted along Avenue ranks of the Right Wing Buccaneers. Here was forgotten. Several other delegates rose to re port but their work was clumsy compared with victory for the forces of Lawanorder and democC. next Friday night to celebrate this complete another Branch gone Left Wing another Branch which must be reorganized and the high cost of Bockerman and they were hastily silenced lest they give the game away.
racy over the black menace of Bolshevism which furniture moving till up the increase.
for a time reared its ugly head in the 6th Comrade Frost, who was given the floor because he is not affliated with the Left Wing, made a motion that the Branch do not concur with the State LEFT WINGERS! Committee resolution to cipel Left Wing locals and branches. The motion was seconded and a COME TO THE MASS MEETING pause ensued during which the chairman glanced fearfully at the Right who could ill conceal their SUNDAY, MAY 11, 1919 annoyance at his blunder in allowing anyone not AT THE known to be safe to get the floor. Mods, winks and whispered comments soon showed the chair.
LABOR TEMPLE man the way out of the dificulty, and grasping the 243 EAST 84th STREET, gavel firmly in his hand he announced in a roice tense with emotion that the motion was out of or.
New York City der, on the ground that the report of the Central Committee was before the house, ON Almost immediately afterward Right Winger SPEAKERS: got the floor and, after consulting his written inSUNDAY, MAY 25, 1, EADMONN MacALPINE structions, moved that the Branch concur in the BENJAMIN GITLOW State Committee resolution, and that all members AT JOHN PALMER of the branch afiliated with the Left Wing be so pended until such time as they renounce their alEditor of the Estonian Socialin Teekly Uus Iin.
legience thereto. Although the report of the Central Committee was still before the house, and al EAST 4th STREET though the motion was contrary to the by laws of the Local and to the State and National ConstitoNEW YORK CITY At P.
ADMISSION tions, the chairman did not declare the motion out COME ALL FREE of order, but, with eyes flashing with the light of To Elect and Instrict firm resolve to do his duty, proceeded to recognize NEW YORK Delegates to National Righter Winger after Right Winger until fortunEsthonian Branch ately someone called the previous question and Left Wing Conference Left Wing Membership Meeting Manhattan Lyceum