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The New York COMMUNIST VOL I, No. New York, Thursday, May 15, 1919 Price cents Moderate Socialist Office Holder. ly injured music.
By Thomas Leaderless August 26, 1917. an Italian priest named as incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. Objoc introduced the statements thus obtained in evidente tion overruled. against the defendants at the trial.
ner of Bishop and Potter Avenues, Milwau. Q: Where did you find the picture of the tomb Examination of Amedeo, by Zabel, a prelt kee. Italian workingmen, living in the neighbor. of the anarchists?
inary hearing: bood, who listened to what Guliani said, resented 300 Bishop. How long do you belong to the anarchist some of his remarks and heckled the priest. As a (Picture offered in evidence. District Attorney club?
result of the heckling Guliani terminated his meet. introduces 129 books and pamphlets. Objected to don belong to the club, but went there ing but promised return the following Sunday. as incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. several times.
On Sunday, September 2, Guliani, with his fol Court Gentlemen of the Jury, all these pam. How long have you been an anarchist?
lowers, appeared a second time at the same corner. phlets and papers are received for the purpose of am not an aparchist.
Some of the Italian workers who had resented the throwing light, if any, on the subject of conspir You had a gun last Sunday when you shot priest remarks the previous week were again acy.
the officers. Joseph Rydlewicz (police officer) an stand. No.
priest was forced to close his meeting and went Rydlewicz found this membership Wasn a gun taken from you? Didn you off, announcing however, that he would come again book and button in the trunk of Vincent Fratessi. hand a giin to one of the other anarchist?
with police protection (Received in evidence and marked Ex. 22. A had no revolver.
On the following Sunday, September 9, Guliani found this membership card in the name of Fra And they agreed to moet so as to break up appeared for the third time at Bishop and Potter tessi in another trunk in the home at 239 Bishop this meeting?
Avenues, accompanied by police. This meeting (Merbe. siip and button received in evidence, and don know anything about it terminated in a riot at which revolvers were used marked Ex. 23. Examination of Pantaleoni, by Zabel.
When the shooting was over it was found that one Frank Calabro, witness for defense, cross ex How many years have you beco un enero of the Italians who had had the altercation with amined by Zabel.
the priest had been shot dead, another of them had Calabro don belong to the but Devet was.
been wounded so badly that he died an hour later have been collecting for them. have been circu. You belong to the anarchist club?
at the hospital, and two policemen had been slight lating the subscription list for the Haywood or. No.
ganization of the Circular marked Ex Examination of Nardini, by Zabel.
As How many years are you an marchist? a result of the shooting, eleven Italian workers 611, didn admit to Weselowski that paid (10 men and woman) were taken into custody 60 a month to the and sent no money dever was an anarchist.
and finally held for trial to them. Belong to the club, don you?
On November 30, five weeks after their arrest. Objected to as immaterial. never belonged to the club, but sometim District Attorney Zabel, Sociali out with his District Attorney Zabel It shows the attitude of went there when there was a special speaker. charge against the eleven defendants which read as certain of these people toward the government.
follows. Motion that the remark of the District Attorney Examination of Fratensi, by Zabel.
be stricken out. I, Finfred Zazel, District Attorney for Mil. How many years are you an anarchist?
Court The remark was addressed to the Court I wasn an aparchist.
waukee County, hereby inform the Court that on the ninth day of September in the year nineteen will receive the paper for the pu. pose of showing You belong to the club? No.
hundred and seventeen, at the said County of Mil. Lizzi (State witness) on stand.
Examination of Bianchi, by Zabel.
waukee, Wisconsin, the said defendants Peter Bianchi (here follow the names of the other ten de Lizzi The picture of the person in the opQ. What is the name of the anarchist club you belong to?
fendants; being then and there armed with danger per left hand corner of Ex. 26 is Gaetano Bresci, an Italian education club.
our weapons, to wit: loaded revolvers, did then and anarchis, the man who killed the king of Italy, You believe in having no government, you there with force and violence in and upon one Al. Humbert The picture to the right is Antonio want the government overthrown?
bert Templin, Paul Heiler, Joseph Rydle: Dolbar, an anarchist. The four gentlemen in the wicz and John Weselowski, make an assault with believe in that.
picture below Bresci are four Japanese anarchists, You want to kill off the oficer?
intent then and there to murder them.
and the five to the right of the Japanese are Now what was some of the evidence brought for.
George Engel, Adolph Fisher, Louis Ling, Theo. don kill nobody.
ward by Socialist District Attorney Zabel to conQ. kt suddenly, without introduction or Spies and Parsons. Above these, at the top we vict those eleven Milwaukee workers of the crime of fing 1887 There will be a time when our si connection with what had gone before. Assault with Intent to Murder, a crime, by the lence will be more powerful than the voices you What did you do with your gun? You had way, not found on the statute books of Wisconsin strangle today. In the middle is picture of Sunday: shall here give samples of testimony as found in Francisco Ferrer, at the left hand corner a priest, Nothing doing the official minutes of the trial.
representing him as the assassin of Ferrer. The You knew the others had gun? didn know nobody had a gun.
John Weselowski (police officer. on Stand.
man with the long beard is Emilcar Ciprani, who District Attorney Zabel, questioning the witness.
has been in prison in Italy several times as an an0: Who first said you would go over there and break up that ineeting? Where did you find this picture. Picture Echist. The man with the glasses to the right is of Karl Marx. Angelio, an Italian anarchist and the man with Kobody; wasn with the bunch. In the hall the cap in the lower left hand corner is Michael Examination of Fratensi, by Zabal. The picture with the red flag on it?
Bakunin, a Russian anarchist. In the lower right What time did you get to the club room Yes, sir.
hand corner a Russian woman anarchist who wrote when the rest of the anarchists were there Sunday afternoon? Hanging in the ball?
several pamphlets. Yes, sir.
Court The significance of this frame, red and didn go to the meeting. District Attorney assumed that defendant ww (Picture offered and received in evidence. black stripes running transversely across the corat club room and that they were all anarchistu. Did you find any American flags or drap. ner is that it means blood and death.
ings in that hall?
District Attorney Zabel charged the defendants Defendant pot given chance to explain. What did you do with your gan? No, sir.
with having gone to the corner meeting on Sunday, Find any picture of George Washington, or September 9, armed with revolvers, and having had no revolver. Didn you march ahead and tell the mento Wilson, or any President of the United States on formed a conspiracy so to do, with having comthone walls?
mitted an assault with intent to murder upon go and break up the meeting? What did you do with the gun that Angelo gave you on the corner? No, sir.
certain police officers. Zabel contended that the Nobody gave ime revolver, because Q. Where did you find the picture of this gondefendants were not only armed but were the ones tleman?
who started the shooting. It was found in the ball at 300 Bishop.
Here is some testimony on those points by wis naturally expected to answer only last one, leaving (Two questions asked at once with defendant Do you know who he is?
nesses for the prosecution. It was mpposed to be the murderer of the Maud Richter, witness for prosecution, crossit for argument to urge that he did not answer the first one and that therefore he did march a the Italian king examined by defendant lawyer.
Court Strike that out. did not anybody have any guns besides the head of the procession and tell the men to bronk op the meeting. Picture received in evidence. detectives, but after the shooting saw the two guns One of the witneures for the defence ww Job Where did you find this picture Louis in the hands of the detectives and noticed the doLaDucca, secretary of the Italian branch of the Ling, August Spica, George Engel, Adolph Fisher, tectives pick up another gun after the shooting.
Socialist party of Milwaukee, who lectured at the Haymarket anarchists, Chicago? Yo, sir; that was found in the club room, fendants have a gun or do any act towards an of. booting saw six guns but didn see any of these do Circolo di Studi Soziali on the Sunday of the 300 Bishop To show that the club had lecture on the philo(Offered and received in evidence Objectod to ficer there that day, nor raise their hand toward an oficer.
sophy of party that was not in accord with a archist ideas, the lawya for the defense, Mr. Rabin, The hall wus room in the rear of wloon 300 Domenic Gernanotta, witness for prosecution.
Bishop Ave, Milwaukee, wood us the meeting place of the didn see any of these eleven defendants have questioned LaDucca follows. Circolo di Studi Soriali, club for the study of social will ask you whether or not it is a part of science to which several of the defendants belongod, the general scheme of the Socialist party to han At preliminary hearing. District Attorney while the rest occasionally went there to meet their friende any President or presiding officer. or to participate musical entertainments bald there. The Zabel cross examined the defendants u follows and (Question ahiciod to by Zabel and objection olub vus ruided soon after the shooting and literature of scientific, philosophic, socialistic and sharehisdie water Keep ta mind that the charp vm creepinoy stained)
found there we take away by the pollo (Come on 1)
a gun there.