The New York Communist Welcome Home!
For a year and a half you have been under arms either on the battle line in France, or in camp ova here.
Some of you volunteered. The great majority of you were conscripted without being asked whether or not you wanted to go. But as free men and citizens. you would have refused to go if you had not believed that this was a War for Democracy. a War against Tyranny and Oppression, a War to Make the World a Better Place to Live in.
The War is over. You come home flushed with victory. get for that increased measure of free dom that was promised you. As you sailed up the harbor. wild with the joy of homecoming as you paraded the city rarer ts, hung with banners and thunderous with cheering crowds eagerly you looked around to see the signs of that new world which you belieVed you had hammered into shape with your cannon, and cemmted with the blood of your fallen nomads.
Well, now that you have had time to look uound.
how does it strike you. Is there more democracy than before you went away. Although the War is over, workingmen are still being sent to prison or speaking what they believe, while not one single pro ileer has been punished with a day in jail. Gene Debs and Kate Hare go to the penitentiary for defending the rights of the workers, while the charges against the Phclpr Dodge thug: who departed workers ram Bubee. Arizona, into the desert, hm. been dropped by the Government. Working class papers are denied the mails, and suppressed, while the capilalist papers openly incite to violence and lynch law against working claaa organizations, and get 05 soot free.
The National Security League and other capital is! spy societies and White Guard organizations carry on. under the pretext of fighting Bolshevism, an almost open fight against the workingclass, but if a oreign born worker dares to join the he is departed without trial they can.
get away uith it. Root. Lodge and other defend ers of the tyranny of the great trusts attack our Government without acruple, but there are Ieen hurtdred champions of the working class in prison right now for daring to third: diflerently about the Govenmtent than the ruling chm permits.
The City of New York appropriates 8250, 000 for decorations to welcome you home, and there are innumerable Victory Dinners at six dollars a plate, but you can get jobs, not even the jobs you held before you went army unless you ll reduce your former aalariu.
Wow a IAI lofl a Jan!
You return to find industry closing down. breadlines everywhere. price of everything out of sight, and a lot of new millionaires who got rich manufacturing war materials You find no plan of to construction, either on be part of the Goverrrrrauit1 or private employers. Everybody cheered you when you ran away; evaybody cheer: you comingbock; bmamanoan tliveondieers.
Your comrades in Siberia and North Russia are still at war, without a declaration of war. against the only Workingmtm a Cam! in the world.
In North Russia they are under English command.
The 00le will not tell them why they are fighting the Governors does not dare to tell themwhytheyarefighting They reaiCkatheart, enduring untold huddiipm Look abroad. to Paris, where our noble Allies squabble over annexationa and indemnitia. and plot to prevent the worker: from taking over their own Governments.
The capitalist press, and the White Guards of the National Security League, incite you against the workers and their organizations. They tell you that Bolshevism is attempting to destroy our The Machinists on Unemployment We. the machinists and metal workers in mameeting assembled at Labor Temple. th Qua and 2nd Avenue. New York City. on March 18th. l9l9.
do hereby adopt the (allowing: MANIFESTO!
Through the devoted service ol the workal in hdurtry and the workers on the battlefields. the war has been brought to a happy conclusion. The bitter strife between capital and labor was tor a hr iel sub nrdinated to what the American President called a war to make the world sale tor democracy. But now. when the struggle among the nations ol the world is or the present at an end, the fight between the class: is once more being waged with unabated torociousncas. s number: of war worlreta and fightaa who are anxious to tail wsl a the streets in hapelua quest of a job. Those who are dill at their benches and machines must submit to unspeakablr reduction: in the standards at working conditions. The employed and the unemployed are being played 03 against each other with the mull that the solidarity ol the workers ia impaired At this time it is therefore necessary to the pro ducen in every industry to recognize and proclaim their eucntial unity. One worker must not. and as a matter ol sheer economic necessity urinal, rhrive at the expense of another. Tne unemployed connirute the whip over the heads at those who are harkin. so that the interests ol both are really identical Any necessary reductions in the coat of wmmoditiu must be made by cutting profits rather than wages.
ln a word. we believe that the workers constitute one clua. with one set of interests to fight (or, and one enemy to fight against.
The one thing that stands out no dearly in to gard to the unemployment problem in the utter hopelessness of finding a. solution to it under the present capitalistic system of production. 50 long as men produce ior profit and not or use, there will he an army of unemployed an army which periodically rwella to enormous numbers. To day we are put in; through one of these periodic unemploymaat crises.
We afirm the responsibility of eliminuu unemployment by any mum ahort oi the overthrow of the present economic scheme and the substitution in its place of a system where the workers themselves own and control their industries and administrate them through managers of their own choice. The utmost wc can hope to accomplish under the present wonomic manganent is to alleviate conditions, to out the aufiering. to reduce uncmploymea tL For that purpale we urge our fellow workers everywhere, 311de of their individual afiliations, to join us in our pledge lor concerted action to win the allowing demandr: We demand a anhnantial reduction in the houroi labor. without a reduction in mes. We demand the elimination ol ovenhne. We demand the abolition of the pieoowurh lyatem in the metal industry. We call upon our municipal, state and ideal authorities to undertake Irena ary enp neering projects. providing high standards at wages and working condition: to the workers on Mich, jecta. We demand he elimination in my children below 16. Weuk thataconlereneeheealledolthevr rious mete unions. such mien represented. aot to include oficial oi the organisations Rzaolved, That fig this Manilulo be at to e prea an to a organisations Unanimously adopted. free institutions. They finance soldier papal like Treat Ern Rough, which is backed by Jana Farrell of the United States Steel Corporation and other capitalists who hate the workers. to urge you (0 attack Socialist meetings. They whispa that while you were dining and risking your line in stinking trachea for thirty dollars a month, the workers at home were on nrike for mormous wages.
This is a lie. The fabulous wager reported in the newspapers only applied to a small radian oi the akilled workn The high cos of living has wiped outthatincreaae orthegreathodyof warhera; their condition is worse than it was before the war; their Unions are being broke: up, and induatry is closing down in order to reduce that wages to a point below the living wage before the tour.
Every eflou a the marl en to improve their con dition war as clot for you, every demand of I: workers for industrial democracy is your dental.
The revolutionary labor Norman! in your wrournent. You belong to the working clan. You an workers not soldiers. You are crushing yourselves when you help to crush the working elm.
Bemen. Joinhandswlththeworhanot sis, of Hungary, of Italy, of England. Fall in!
The iron battalions of the proletariat are forming.
The left Wing mad the Rm Continued Irwt me 1)
its praotioeto the new requirements; and ithtuhe down iniseably under the test of the war and of the proletarian revolution.
The war was the expression of the economic eontraditxiom of Capitalism, of the insoluble problem of Imperilism. it is clear that Capitalism is bruiing down: that the proletarian revolution is eonquering. Capitalism cannot adjust itself to the new conditions, cannot solve its norm or»
nomic problems. The world of Capitaliam is in a revolutionary crisie, more acute in Europe,. Iacute in the United States, but still a (risk. Th crisis, which is a consequence of the economic ecl lapse of Capitalism, provides the opportunity or Socialism to marshal the iron battalions of the prolaariat or action Ind the oonquut of power.
Tl: final struggle against Capitalism is cu; it may last months, or years, or tens of years, but this is a revolutionary epoch imposing revolutionary tactics. And revolutionary agitdion u an ad of revolution.
Itinnotourjobto hastm arevolufiuary crin Capitalism itself takes care of that. Our job is to prepare. Our job is to act on the inaudiate problunhunemployment, the soldiera, Irikn, clss war prisoners in the spirit ol revolutionary Scialiartu in this way preparing the final union.
The left Wing Program is a proyam of and. not a program of wishing for the moon. Soph flry om tauuihilateit. Lil eitae lfiswithu.
LECTURE AND CONCERT fimbythssdd. Brutal AT BURLAND CASINO Watch tarll mhna.
TUESDAY. APRIL 29, 1919. at P.