The New York Conummiat Left Wing Notes THE Left Wing organization has decided to support the following nominee and asks all re volutionary Socialists to do likewise: For the National Execulive Commiaee, Isl Diatrial: Hourwich, Edward Lindgren, Brooklyn. Louis Fraina. Boston. Man.
For lnlcrnalional Delegates: Ferguson, Chicogo, 111. John Rred, Louis Frisian. Boston, Mush, Ruthenberg, Cleveland, The following branches and locals have affiliated with the left Wing Section: Local Queens: Entire Local.
local Kings: A. D, Branch 14th ll, Jewish Branch 23rd Branch All Russian Branches All Lithuanian Branchss Minority Groups in all other branch haul New York: in 2nd 3rd, 5th and 10th an: A, 81h ll. Jewish Branch All Russian Branches All Lettish Branches All Ukrainian Branchm German Hungarian Branch Murray Hill German BranchEllhoniln Branch Minority Groups in all other branches.
Local Bronx: Entire Local.
The following are the Left Wing papers in New York: Der Kampf (The Struggle. Jewish; Navy Mir (The New World. Russian; Elan. Forward. Hungarian; Robitnilr, The Worker. Uhaiuian; Una llm (The New World) Estbonian.
o o o The 2nd Manhattan. will hold an open air meeting at Rutgers Square, on Saturday afternoon.
April 26th. at l. to protmt against the imprisonment of Debs. Prominent Left Wing speakers will address the audience.
Turning to the Lell.
The following locals throughout the country have adopted the Manifesto and Program of the 1d! ling: local Boston, Mass.
Local Rochestfl.
Local Buffalo.
local Denver, Colo.
Local Cleveland, Local Ease: County, Local Tidin, Local Duluth Minn.
The following states have been captured by the hit Wing: Michism Massachusetau Minnesota Ohio C All left Wing communications for this column should be addrused to Maximilian Cohen. 43 West 29th Street. and should reach him not late than Tuesday morning for insertion the same wed. O A meeting of Jewish left Wing members will he held in the Forward Building. 175 East Broadway. on Sunday, April 27, at P. to consider the report of the newly elected Organization Committee with regard to the Jewish Federation. All Jewish Left Wing anben must come. C In view of the refermdum on the State Executive Committee resolution to expel all branches and locals that have joined the left Wing Section all the branches and locals throughout the State should make arrange to have left Wing speakers. our case.
leftWingsp kmcanhesecursdbym municnting with Maximilian Cohen. Secretary of the Left Wing Section, 43 West 29th Street. New York City. o o EGULAR membership meeting oi the left Wins S»
tiun. Socialist Party. held April 20. 1919. at Manhuttao Lyceum. 64 East 4th Street.
Meeting called to order at P.
Cillow elected chairman and Lindaren vice chairman.
About 800 member: were present.
An order of business was submitted, and with one amendment. to wit: that good and welfare be taken up before adjournment. was adopted. resolution: committee was selected. consisting of Wolf; Cohen. Brodsky. Hourwich. MscAlpine. Lindgren, Blueglass. Plianzer and Vilenkin. molion was carried to have the proceedings of the meeting interpreted into Russian by Himmellsrb for those Russian mrmberv who are not familiar with the English language.
The executive secretary reported that the inception of the Left Wing Sectlon dates back to the joint central commince meeting. uhcre a portion of the members bolted and then rented to another part of the building and held a meeting of their own. The Left Wing Section has now a membership of about 000 in Greater New York. and that various local branches Ihroughout the nation have herome affiliated with the movement. The report was acupled.
The financial secrcthry reported the total receipts. since the flat membership meeting of the Left Wing. were over 81. 090. That the expenditures amounted to about 8700 and that there is a balance of about 8300. Report was accepted.
An appeal was then made by the chairman for a contribn»
lion, and collection was taken up. which netted 3329. 43. message sent by Comrade Martens. who was unable ID attend in person. extending his allegiance and support to the Left Wing movement. was delivered by Comrade Hammer.
The minutes of the city committee were read and accepted with one correction. motion was carried to limit discussion on all questions to three minutes. The minutes at the last erecutixe meeting were rrad and adopted. The resolution committee hm reported as lollows: lsI Msy lst resolution asking for a demonstration and strike on that day. The resolution was adopted by rising vote.
Ind Lawrence strike resolution pledging moral and financial support to the Lawrence strikers. The resolution was accepted and a motion made that a collection be taken up. The motion was carried and a collection was made which netted 69: Sud Political prisonen resolution Declaring our solL clarity and unity with imprisoned Comrade: and calling on the members cl our class to organise for the release a all class war prisoners; to oppose participation in bourgeois liberal amnesty conventions and to define our attitude on that question rt the National Emergency Convention.
Resolution Accepted.
4lh lpcsl New York vesolutioo that Left Wing mrmbers of Local New York support the nomination of Max.
Cohen as the executiVe aecrrlsry of local New York. and the nominations of Frm na. Hourwich and Lindgren as the delegalu lo the National Executive Committee and Frsina.
Heed. Ferguson and Ruthenberg as the delegates to the International Congress. Resolution accepted.
Inn New York Call Resolulion to supnon the New York Call. provided that ownrrship and control of thr New York Call is vested in the membership and that referendum on the question is taken immediately. Resolution adopted.
An announcement was made at this time Ihlt the Ukrainian Federation of the United States had joined the left King. motion was made to protest llltlsl the fnluuu calling itself a Stxialist paper until it lecomu Party owned and controlled. and to demand the removal of its name from the Party membership rard. An amendv ment was made referring the matter to the City Committee, which was carried. The meeting then proceeded with the hearing of the resolutions.
nulls! party Demanding a referendum on the quenti nl expulsion of party members and repudisiing the reactionary measure oi the State committee. and to strut: heliivd mm member. branch or organization erpelled. and to express condemnation and contempt aghast Ihose attempting to expel revolutionary alsmenta. esolulion accepted.
YdI New York Executive Committee reoolution. to inv atruct the membership at Greater New York to send full quota of delegates to the Conference of the Left Wing Section to be held in Boston in June. Raolution accepted.
Btb Instruction to left Wing delegatu to empower the city committee to prepare and adog all New York instructions for the guidance of Left in; delegates to the Conference. Resolution accepted.
Dth On Mexico pledging our class solidarity to the Mexicans. Resolution adopted and referred to the city committee for style. motion was then carried to instruct the city commitInc In dnw up a leaflet on the Mexican situation and to submit same to the central committee for ad tinn. Recesa was then had and the mooting rwsnveae one hour later at about 7:30 The last resolution was taken up.
lOth Tbe New York Cmmuuist Ipproving the action of the oily committee in issuing the New York Communist and pledging our moral and financial support to same.
Resolution adoptod. Comrade MacAlpins en submitted the need of money for the issuance of the Communist. and asked for financial support. motion was carried to hold a Red Week for the benefit of the Communist and the lavish Ksmpl. consisting of mass meetings. concerts. bametcAmotionwast arriedtoelectsoo of three to device ways and means of raising additional fan vthe committee misting of (handA resolution was then asking that we a.
the Karma) as a Jewish Left Wing publication. motion was made to limit the sale of the Cum to Party member: The motion was defend.
starting at Rutgers Square and ending at Union Square.
The molian was defeated.
The amendment to have a demonstration oomistlu open air meetings was mind.
afltionwuurfiedwaendatclwdpodehsl l0 Amorionwascarriedtorefathee wotionofddapm to rtlhe lair Wing Conference to the City 0mm Cu»
rre. motion was carried that the special membership meeting before Left 0mference is held. and submit the names of the 73m:electcd and the instructions given them to he followed at that conference.
The l7th then reported that the Essentive Cunmiuee on its own initiative dissolved their branch and then reorganized it. Thst no chums have ever preferred agairst the branch nor did the Grievance muree take any action at any time on that branch That the reorganization committee was held Sunday. April 20th. and that only Right lWingm a permitted to enter the hall and participate in ccedings. That 35 members attended that proceeded with the election of new delegates to trsl committee. electing 13. That prior to this tron meeting. on Thursday. April 17th. at a regular mg. 10 belt Wing delegates were elected to the Committee to replace the othcn. Thai iii view of glmzation meeting. they anticipate. cvnsidanhle tronh the next Central Committee meeting, and asked for mtt ee iron the meeting to «so operate with them in this fight. motion was carried to elect such a calamities. and the followng were elected: Reed. Cohen. Joseph Brodiy MacAlpine. Hourwicb. Carl Brodaky and Ham ac.
The meeting was thug adiznrned. ii the the in!
New York, April 9, 1919.
Mr. Maximilian Cohen, 43 Wat 29thSL, My Dear Comrade Cob 1: believe that made it clear in the conform with your committee that there has rm been a difference of principle betwcq: your organization and myself. have stood for revolutionary Socialism. not only recently. but ever since became an active member of the Socialist mom And while it is true that my views, as those of the a:tire revolutionary movement everywhere, have become crystallized during the last foin yurs into a more definite program. can say for myself that lhavebecnthessmeallthetinn.
Our diflerenom have been in regard to tactics only. was of the opinion that an organization as it exists here in New York and understand from your committee that nowhere else have sub organizations been formed would be a constant menace to the unity of the Party at this most critical time. am fully aware that there are times when to preserve party unity under all circtunstanm means a sacrifice of principle. Thus, if the coming National Convention should declare itself against revolutionary Socialism. a split in the Party would be not only necessary but inevitable But since am still of the firm conviction that the party membership, in its overwhelming majority.
stands with us, thought that we took no dramas in waiting for the convaltion to apak.
But now am confronted with a situation. not a theory. The organization is in the field and if the split is to be avoided at this time it can be dons only by so strengthening it that the conservative and opportunistic forces in the party will and dare to force expulsions or employ provocative measures. In this connection must protmt that ourtain comrades of the Right have exploited my rofusal to join the organization of the left by hurling attacks at the revolutionary principlu. And the circumstances thst my position in this wrd has been misinterpreted and misused is not the least amongthsreasonsthatoal nodmetojointho rank and file at this time.
Our tactical difisrm must disippoar before the great task of transforming the Socssl Party of the into a powaful weapon for the unancipation of the revolutionary proletanat.
With fraternal gin dings, Loom has.