The New Yer Ir Communist The Plan that Went Awry 0N Tuesday, April 22, Executive Secretary Gerber called the Central Committee of Local New York to order about ten minutes before the scheduled time because it was obvious that a majority of the early comers were Right Wing delegates.
The session was one of the most important held in recent months, it being understood that the matter of the reorganization of the 17111 Assembly District Branch which is dealt with in full on another page) would be the piece dc resistanceof the evening. Solomon and Maximilian Cohen were nominated for the chair, Solomon obtaining a majority of the votes. point of order was raised on the fact that the recalled delegatu of the 17th participated in the voting. This was overruled and an appeal was taken from the decision of the chair, in which the chair was sustained the recalled delegates voting solidly against the appellant On the reading of the minutes of die previous meeting a correction was made to the effect that Cohen and Joseph Brodsky had resigned from the platform committee. The Executive Secretary proceeded to read the credentials for the seat ng of new delegates, an objection being recorded La seating Algernon Lee, who was recently recalled as delegate from the 8th D, and who now appeared II a delegate from the 16th to which branch he had transferred, although not living within its terA ritory. After the reading of the credentills of a few regularly elected delegates of both anions to whom no objection was made, Gerber real what purported to be the credentials for 13 ddegates from the reorganized 17th storm of disapproval forced the reading of the credentials of the 13 delegates who were elected at a regular meeting of the 17th and whose credentials were signed by the regular secretary of the bunch.
On a motion Beckerman moved that the action of the City Executive Committee in handpickin; 13 delegates be concurred in, and that the little land of machine finished Comrades be tested. point of order was immediately made that the recaded delegates should not be allowed to vote on his question. The chair ruled the point not well taken and his decision was challenged by Brahdy amid great confusion and continual interrupticus from both sides For a time the noise was deafening. the members of the 17th who were to be reorganized out of existence, and who crammed the bad: of the hall, adding considerably to the general excitement.
Quiet was finally obtained by the booming voice of Sipos, who succeeded in having all delegatm from the 17th disenfranchised temporarily, the Rights apparently feeling that the chairman previous ruling revealed a too obvious bias.
Beckerman then took the floor in support of hi motion, and after addressing himself to the subjea for the space of a minute. launched into a bitter denunciation of the Left Wingers. Intoxicated by the power of his own vituperation he leaped from insult to insult, and finally succeeded in drawing cria ol objection from the Left; Brahdy, finally getting the floor on a point of order, asked the chair to discipline the speaker. This the chair refused to do on the ground that unparliammtary language had been used by both sides, and at the same time expressed his pleasure at the way in which Beckerman had given tongue to what the a:tire light was thinking. Renewed protena greeted this decision. and Beckerpian finally announced hi.
intention of yielding the floor, upon which the Right: set up a violent protest, Groaaman seizing him by the shoulders and refusing to ll: him take his seat.
MmekumhdfinMCobmtmtoan amendment that a committee of seven, three from the Right, three from the left and an limpartial chairman, be appointed to investigate the entire matter of the 17th vehement protests from the Right greeted the amendment, which would have halted the now obvious plan to jam through the reorganization scheme as a preliminary to the disenfranchising of the entire Left Wing. Gerber then took the floor in support of the original motion, declaring that he had no wish to hide behind the bush, and intimating that they were determined to oust the Left Wing completely. Renewed pandemonium greeted these remarks, applause from the Right and protest from the Left.
Copstein, a member of the Executive Committee, got the floor and started to make a speech, when the machine gave him the cue to call the previous question. This he immediately did, the chair attempting to place the matter before the house. point of order that it is not permissahle to call the question after starting to make a speech was overruled. Appeal followed point of order and point of order succeeded appeal until it was announced that the chair was willing to take a rollcall vote on the matter of the previous question.
Cohen protested this decision on the ground that a committee representing 96 members of the 17th was preamt, and that they abould be heard before the vote was taken. This caused further uproar, the Rights waning to jam the matter through without any hearing. Eisenbudd, a member of the 17th committeetook the floor, and insisted on his right to he heard. Violent opposition from the Right caused renewed uproar, during which several fist fights took place, following an assault from the Right on Hourwich. When the confusion was at its height a Police Captain was brought in by some of the Right Winger. and the meeting was adjourned. hurried caucus by the machine resulted in the announcement by Karlie, who had usurped the functions of chairman, that the Cam a1 Committee would not meet again until called by the Executive Committee. The plan to force through the roarganization scheme fell to pieces, and in a fit of pique the Rig it mad the false move of illegally taking it upon themselves to suspend the Central Committee during the pleasure of the Executive Committee. This is illegal, as the Central Committee is a superior body to the Executive, but whom the gods would dutwy thEy first make mad and the machine is going from illegality to illegality, until finally it muat collapse of its own innate futility.
Saved by the Bourgeoisie By Nyemanoff IF the Socialist Party of America was not reprenamed at the Berne Social Patriotic Conference, its honor and dignity in this instance were saved, not by the revolutionary act of its leaders, but through the action of the American Government, which deliberately delayed the issuance of phssports to the three Opportunists who were ready to start for Borne In other words, the Party honor was saved by its class enemies And yet, have the Party leaders profited by the Berne lesson. Have they realized that their ac tions in that direction have been detrimental to the interests of the Party. Not a bit. One of the delegates to the Berne Conference. the associate editor of the New York Call, James Nea. went to Europe at the first opporunity. The aim of his trip is to find out the state of afiain in the European Socialist movement He intends to visit Huyamans, the Secretary of the International Bureau of the nonexistent International, and have a talk with the Committee which was elected by the Berne Conference, which includes such personagu as Troelatra, Branting and Henderson.
It really means that after all, diplomatic seem negotiations and the feeling of the ground will be gin again for the purpose of sheeting an understanding with the traitors. lt means that compromise with the declared enemies of the working class will begin all over again. Andvall this will be done in spite of the will of the large masses of our Parry, who have on several occasions uprated themselvm as against any union with the Rmaudela and Scheidernanns.
But in our Party kitchen there is being cooked mother dish whicldour National Executive Committee intends to other to the Party members.
WhattookplaoeinBernoonalargaacale, the American SociabPatriota inland to duplicate in Banner Ayrea on a miniature scale.
At the invitation of Argmtina a Social Patriotic party in finance Ayres, towards the end of this month a congress of representativu of all Socialid parties of the American continent will take place.
Inthefirnplaeewemustrememberthatthe Argentine Socialist party, which calls this congress, was oficially represented at the Berne Conference. The representatives of that party, during their sojourn in Europe, made a number of stalemate which clearly demonstrate the fact that they heartily support the bankrupt second International. lf this is 50, th our ways part. Our comrades in Argentina are not these, hot the left Socialists, who in 1913 severed their relations with The National Executive Committee of the Annuican Socialist Party has decided already to partici pate and has delegated Dan Hogan, a member of the National Committee, to the Balance Ayrs eonguns.
The appointmmt of Dan Hogan was an act of fawning aervility towards the Ana ican government. In Parry circles Dan Hogan is well known as one of the moat rabid social patriots. As reported by the New York Call, during the war he was actively engaged in a number of afiaira which had for their object the rousing of the patriotic spirit of the population. In short, he is one of the typical War Socialize, of whom there are wre than platty in Europe.
By appointing this lackey of the capitalist note as a represmtative of our Party at the Pan Anciean Socialist congress. no doubt the National Committee hoped that the State Department would put no obltaclu to his deparmre for limos Ayroa.
Bmtheircaleulatiouinthiarogan lmwrong.
The State Departrnmt has refused a passport to Dan Hogan, not because he was considered an unreliable pawn, but because the congress will Ihe held in such an unreliable antre as BuncAyna. langoneaagainthohonwofourf myhn hmmvadbyoorelaaamin.