THE NEW YORK COMHUNIST We re Gonna be Expelled! Help. lumee undeaalwd the. ittk Terror, On that momentous date. which deserves to rank in history with St. Bartholomew 5.
the Suit. Intuitive follnwcd the example of the human Majority Social Democrats in 1916, when fill. expelled Liebkneuht and the Spam mic. 1hr. attrnipted to expel the Left Wing!
The rcuiluti in wa arricd by vote of to 17. with three delegates absent and Trachtenherg. at usual, not voting until he bees which way the cat in gomg to jump. th All) you think of that, Comrades?
You ll have a chance to say what you think lbout it. because it will be submitted to re»
fercndum. thanks to Comrade Lindgren.
Meanwhiir, beware of the Pink Terror.
Never go out at night without a copy of the Communist Manifesto in your pocket. If you talk in your all tp. lie sure In look under the.
bed before you retire «int uf Cerber spies may he cmn ealwl there with a pad and pencil. in take down your somnambulist ic muttering. I) not trust the books in the Rand School Library. pht ases have torn from their cuntt xt.
it was an historic occasion. Several of the leila took advantage ui the omiortunity to tlt iavt thi ir Milidarity Wilt the EbertSchridrniann gang in Germany although later. in order in tii lwl the effect of the Pink Tt rr ir. ii) nil cling invcd a resolution bitterly ruiudriuning the murder of Lichknecht uwf Lll. lbflllrg by the reactionary IN Albany last Sunday the State Cumiorcrs. snppnrtrd liy reactionary SoChllaln.
Comradt i :u uian. a» rhatrnmn ml the Resolution. iinuiuttee. introduced the Liebitnrt ht LILu iiilriurg l hvllltlofi. Ul spoke against it zt bout; hm rant 7nd endorsing any one political party in fur many. if: inn. he mid. was ht ari ly in farm ml the Spartaridtw. and would endorse a ti hill that (flt l. It developed, however, titat. ninrmh aldinan had made the satiii tilllllKTilltll to thl rexilution itt ruinmittec; a l lirdritkami. the author. had. reqtie tcd. altlman to draw up a resolution definitely wiiimrting the Spartacides whicli aldt tan refused to (in.
Comrade MacDonald said she didn believe the charges made against Comrades Ebert and Schcidcmann. and announcud her conviction that our Comrades Ir: tr. Socialist Guwrmnent. and not responsihlc for thr deauts of Lichknecht and Luxembourg.
Comrade Theresa Malkirl. in the cuttr e of a fearful attack upon the Left Virrg, hinted darkly that prtit ln alul are anxious to dt rtipt the Party in this country. if it tt rcn for these pf ZH OCalOTS, she said. in kicrntztny. th: Spartacan movement wouldn have been formed. and our dear Comrades Liehknecht and Luxembourg wouldn have been killed. i t rv. were opera II iiy the election of thr new Sire lixecutire Committee, so that the m lit see jn how much antiBUL Lt ntizmnt it could count on. Only twelve vtN were cast against the machine, 50 the Rig. evidently though they could go at» xi.
lt o ii. 5? morning that Comrade nrf l ll. h pale. democratt face. read the E3. resnl utit Poor Berenbergl We knmr he» was suffering; he was remmn hth he gave, us his office in the Raul. vatrfi in which to draw up the Left. tr e Wing Manifesto. and locked the door so his his. wouldn catch us. hterhatc lasted from morning until four thirty in the. afternoon.
Comrade ahlm;tn, who was so hot for the Spanttcidrs especially the dead ones inndt a speech that munded like Sr ili fitnr Lamar tolling. the Sc tlr about Bolshevisrn.
The Left Wing. he d, had a secret organi zation in the Party. The Left ing was seducing: young nicniliere of the Party who didn know anything about Socialism. TheLeft Wing wa capitalizing revolutionary enthusiasm. And finally. the Left Wing was a bunch of cowards. omrade Theresa )lal kiel said, among other things. lit rt comes the Left ing organization and takes the wind out of our tails. here were these Comrades during the war! Vt cve they out on the street corners advueating Socialism?
But the most dramatic event of the day wan the reading. liy Cnmnde Gerber. of the minim full and rimiplete of the last. vltlnx the Ian In: mute. Io! Int rm. lusting of the Li it ing (it) utinnittre, which had been Null for him. III: doubt. by one of lii in h rliinlun. you this. umrztde Fuller Friedman was u l l:t:t l( with rmotibn. tntl decian that shawl as con»
tinted that thc Left iiig was a secret, low.
vulgar. ilr ctinspirrit y umrade atnn said that he Slui itl for u nity. lint unity (in the asi. of the Left in: Maui: 51. and Program. mnrade Hnudmr Saul that the restrain in nm the very thing: In spiirthe Party. The Left Wing.
he al(l. was tlir natural outgrow th of conditions in the trt was with the Left ing in rinc and was not npyosed to the nrganizatn ralthuu;h he did not personally bt llCVQ in it zisradr lilt llt llkallp made a spirited llt i; t of the Left hip. Tht lx igh. rs. lie ztitl. condemn the organization of lhi Left Wing. but they do not condemn their own wrung arts or tlicir crimrs. which have CStliIL in tht: formation or the Left Wing. The Left Wing is due to the 13. li :rtavlzsry of Meier London and others. Tue anion of honest Comrades in getting together to rcmr tl abuses in the Party is not to be compared to this treachery.
But it was Comrade Lore who threw the real bimhsheil into the camp of the Rights.
He declared himself a member of the Left Wing. didn before realize the necessity for Left Wing organization, he went on. lut now realize the necessity, and have )mnrd it, Iivt ry German loco And branch in the nifrd btates is with the Left Iv lng.
and will leave the Party if the Left in: is expelled.
The rrsnlntion was then voted on; follow»
iii which Comrade Lindgren proposed to auhmlt it to a referendum, a motion which tlw ang tlidinot dare to m5 don. hen nrws of the panmge of the recomtion reachrd the meeting of the Left Wing. in Committee Sunday evcriing.:they unanimously passed a vote of thanks, as follaws. The City Committee of the hit Wing expresses its gratitude to flu Right Wing for assisting our efforts by showing their hand so early in the game.
SOLUTION AGAINST THE LEFT WING Whereas. the consu tution of the Socialist Party of the State of New York provides (Article 1, section 3)
that members and local. of the Socialist Plrty must adhu e md canform to the national and state platforms and constitution; and Whereas. the spirit and machinery on the Socialist Party provide adequate channels for the fullest and roast dis mm a! tan through branch and and Party meetings, the Pmy pron conventions. refemndumn, repre entative bodies and other medium: for thé fullV exchange of opinions and lentimcnts; and Whereas. in violation of the spirit of the constitution. an organization calling itself the Left Wing section of the Socialist Party has been formed, endeavoriitg to force the Party to take certain positions without making use of the existing channels. thereby diverting its energies and funds and paralyz mg its activities. therefore be it Resolved. that the New York State Committee of the Socialist Party is definitely opposed to the organization calling itself the Left Wing section of the Sociniist Party, and to any group within the Party organized of the same or similar purpose; and be it further Resolved. that the State Committee instructs its executive committee to revoke the charter of any lock! that affiliates with any such urganlzation or that permits its subdivision: or membcrs to be affiliated.
The sudden rise to power of the llnrmria workers was accomplished to quiehi ar. tartar Incl that many doubted it. Flor urcr.
there is now no need for (fault the bourgeois press reports thzt the Hungarian Soviet Administration his nationalize women dct idetl (o