The New York Communist The Productivity of Russian Labor from Can. From the Russian Soviet Government First Annual Report By Lomov (Continued from last week. granting of the first sums for the payment of wages, THE PRODUCTION OF FACTORY soems, that in spite of the whole sum of ex the productivity of labor began to grow, and toI. trernely unfavorable objective economic condi. wards the end of April went up to 30 40. In tions, the productivity of labor began to increase Makeefka, which was twice occupied by the Cor at the beginning of 1918 in a number of industries.
sacks and Ukrainians, the daily output of coal from And what is more, the increase of productivity is the mines went up, from March to the middle of Poods Poods Pieces Poods Poode 1915. 1, 938, 682 182, 000 167, 434 21, 475 not a slightly noticeable process, but a very rapid, April alone, from 60, 000 poods to 92, 000, or over 1916 2, 011, 222 606, 403 333, 025 2, 325 35, 217 1917 strikingly marked one. In the cast steel industry 50. and what is more, as the chairman of the. 1, 868, 041 570. 272 352, 173 8, 347 40, 580 months of 1918. 488. 078 196, 213 108, 741 3, 504 11, 132 the productivity went up in April, in comparison workers committee of the Union, Engineer Ba(Feb. 15 days)
with January, 1707; in the cast iron, 131. in janov wrote, There is to be observed a tendency This proves that if the quantity of moulded the hydraulic press industry 40. and only in the towards a further increase in the output of coal.
pig iron has decreased in comparison with the best The maine conclusions are also characteristic of year, 1916, still for the first three and a half months car forging has it fallen 24. and there on account the Ural district.
of a number of causes of an external character.
of 1918, about 14 of the pig iron output for the 30 to speak January is the worst month. We have more detailed information regarding the whole year 1916 was moulded. As regards bars, After it, there begins a rapid advance. These Zlatoustovsky district. Here is the corresporiding founded pig iron and the production of firo stones, results have been the fruits of proletarian class table of figures in poods: for the 377 months of 1918, the output was self reliance exclusively. Price wages were firmly about 3 of the entire production of 1916. As Pipiron production: January February March introduced by a special wage fixing commission Remade pig iron. 343, 962. 32 173, 885. 351, 040. 01 regards founded steel, for the first months of consisting of representatives of the professional Crude romero 37, 854. 21. 277. 41, 354 1918, the total amount of mouldings in poods ex18, 724. 08 8, 285:30 17, 125. 39 ceeded by 50 the amount of mouldings for the unions and the technical personel; this commis Martenor ky production: sion very energetically, as the spokesman said, Martens bar 22. 460. 147, 134 whole year 1916. Thus in the first quarter of 1918 Puding turdace production. undertook as task. The results can already be Moulds. 37, 401. 19, 180. 29. 095.
there was clearly visible process of gradual in.
Casting production: seen; though, as justiy pointed out by the Kolocrease in the productivity of labor. Furthermore, Pigirun castings: mensky workers, its work only began.
Higb fumace productin. 541. 332. 29 1, 367. 10 in spite of the acute insuficiency of the food supOf the constant increase in the productivity of Cupola fumace production 25, 099. 05 11, 740. 16 26, 147. 13 ply, the productivity of labor evidently continued Sicel fonding pasie. 332. 33 1, 726. 29 803. 01 labor after the introduction of the scale, the rep.
Copper fonding paste. 85. 25 331. 38 to increase. For example, we shall submit the Various alloyage parte. 2, 085. 960. 207 following data of the productivity of labor in a resentatives of the Kolubaksky factory also spoke, Rolling production: stating as characteristic of the mood of the work.
Large sized production, number of important Petrograd factories; the fol.
Martens iron, preosed iron, lowing table of figures was issued by the Obuchov.
ers in the factory, the following: We recently Martens steel Crucible steel. 61. 97. 35, 916. 82 18, 192. 79 sky steel mills: had to make repairs which we thought would take Middle tort production: two Koeks, but the workers made them in six days, Martens quare iron THE OBUCHOVSKY STEEL CASTING FACTORY and that under the worst conditions.
Martens Hoel Mar. Apr. May Crucible mod Jane Jaly from from Tilted Eul stoel production. Analagous are the data of other districts. In the 15th the 15th the 15th Moulded, stamped. 49, 800. 16 25, 581. 88 38, 531. 08 70 175 270 Projectile production. 400 170 the Petrograd Westinghouse factory, after the tran212 Locurati Production of sition to piece wages and the establishment of Pig iron various instruments Calling. 1, 107 6:27 304 form of output according to scale, the results in piece Steal and iron. 946 975 6, 173 182 102, 359 17, 823 149. 264.
showed themselves remarkably soon. In the smelt. Also intrenching. 147, 028.
The production of The Westinghouse factory output of brakes: ing industry the report shows the following fig. ammonition: Mar. Арт. May Jane July Aug Sworde, daggeri, etc.
2, 889. 460. Brake devices ures for 1918: Handmade prodacte: in poods. 1, 008 1, 014 1, 239 2, 040 2, 796 2, 378 Machine construction The productivity of the Petrograd metal factor.
In January there were produced 3000 poode industry 299.
218. 11 ies is characterized by the following figura: the In February 3400 poods In surveying the present table compiled on the productivity in a number of branches for July was In March. 3886 poods basis of the Soviet reports, at the outset the ex. 70, 000 poods, for Aug. 13, 000; at the Equal facIn April. 4000 poods treme decrease in output during February strikes tory the productivity increased 100 150. at the e. an increase in April as compared with January sition from the old Russian calendar to the new one eye. However, this is explained by the tran Spiegal factory it increased 150 200. at the Loner factory it increased from Aug. to Sept. 65. of 33.
calendar, thanks to which the number of days in at the Nevaky tobacco factory the average monthly Even at the Baltic factory, where the wages are February shrunk to fifteen.
output for the first half of 1918 was 2, 448 for lower than in the factories of Moscow, Petrograd Taking this into consideration we note that in July 5, 180 pcode, at the Moscow Lubereteky facand a number of provinical cities, in the month the Zlatoustorsky district the decrease in productory the productivity of labor has reached almost of April it was proven that the workers in the mat. tion ceased, and now there is to be observed the pre war standard.
ter of productivity, as the spokesman, Comrade reverse process of its growth in. uumhe vf in Speaking of the increase in the productivity of Khromofl, indicated at the conference, have pro dustries, in the production of machines, instru labor we none the loss, cannot yet dream of a produced almost twice as much as in March, and we ments, pig iron; there is also an increase in the duction equal to that of peace times. The lack of suppose that in the future, with raise in wagen casting house production, etc.
raw materials and fuel, the acute hunger, the de up to the normal (the scale was not yet introThe figures of the production of labor at the terioration of the machinery could not but delay duced in that factory, the productivity will rise Ural Katav Ivanovsky factory speak of the name: the proceas of the rehabilitation of industry. And even higher. Analagous information is given The casting of Average daily nevertheless, at this writing, several factories are by the comrades from the ovacuated factory Phoo pig iron either approaching or have already attained the nix in Ribinek, which in December, 1917, had an January 125, 872 4, 723 peace time norm. To the number of such factorios output of 62 cars, in January of 40, in February February (15 days. 71, 919 4, 794 belongs, for instance, the famous nationaliscu Siof 18, and in March and April of 38 each respec 144, 833 4, 761 mons Schuckert factory. Let us camine in some tively. The comrades note the great work done in April 145, 454 5, 008 what greater detail the work of this factory as a this sphere by the factory committees Similar in. The total amount of casted pig iron, and its characteristic crample of the rehabilitation of our formation we have from the Hartmann factory in average daily outpat has considerably increased. whole industry.
Lugansk, where the workers committee has suc It is interesting to note the correct growth of figures The February revolution and Keranskyiam found oceded in turning out instead of three locomotives each month. It is also interesting to compare the it in a state of slow disintegration. Up to the u is the Fall 13 locomotives. The comrades, figures of the productivity of labor of a factory time of the October revolution, its production fell members of the committees of the much suffering in the three preceding yours with the figures of the to about one third or one fourth of what it was be Petrovaky Soviet factories and Makoefke (Min. three and a half months of 1918.
fore, and the intensity of labor decreased almost ing and Metallurgical Union. draw the same ope balt according to the information of the de pictures of their cutablishments, At the Pat. Translator Male The Rumian calendar difered from the one prevailing in the west in bring this day bo partment of Electro Technigne.
rovaky factory, after its nationalization and the hind it to be cont 18 300. 4107 output March