I. Now York, COMMUNIST Official organ of the Left Wing, Socialist Party, Greater New York locals.
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43 Vest 29th Street. New York City UMRADES! Across the sea the workC crs are using, wave on wave. The surf of Social Revolution beats on the crumbling dikes of the old order.
The nations of the world are bankrupt.
The Capitalist System is bankrupt. The headlong competition of the two imperialist groups of nations, resulting in the great war, has wrecked the international credit system upon which Capitalist Imperialism is based, and taught the industrial proletariat that there is no hope for the world but in the So cialist Commonwealth. the same time, that Socialism in which (hr mrking class of Europe so confidently trusted to award. world war. went down like a house of cards before the first serious onslaught of international capitalism.
The Second International joined the Army!
Tleii ildcred and betrayed, the workers were divided and mum red hurled. Jntc the ll tlll llf. Li slaughter and be slaughtered. Moderate Socialism revealed itself in its Having adopted the tactics of parliamentary action within the capitalist state, the Moderate Socialist leaders found themselves forced to uphold capitalism in its grand climactic crime, and consoled themselves by preaching that the Var was the last great reform a step in that slow and peaceful evolution from autocracy to parliamentary democracy, and then to Socialism, in Which they believed.
Obsessed with this theory, they beheld the disillusioned proletariat rising to over throw the parliamentary state, between whom and the Kaiser the workers saw little to choose. And the Moderate Socialists, in Russia and Germany, found themselves on the capitalist side of the barricades, shooting down workers to preserVe their petit bourgeois theories. Capitalism is bankrupt. And Moder2. e Socialism, an integral part of the capitalist system, is also bankrupt. Therefore the question of moderate versus revolutionary Socialism is on longer debatable. The sum and substance of mliamentary democracy is the World W34, now happily ended with all the belligerent; defeatedwnd among them. the Moderate Socialists.
The workers know now that only by means of the Dictatorship of the Proletafiat can they achieve their: ends. And the experience of the Russian Soviet Republic, at tacked on all sides by the combined capitalists of the world, has shown brilliantly that only the destruction of the capitalist forms of government, and the erection of a new true colors. prolcrarian state, can guarantee the worker?
revolutionary victories.
The American Socialist Party, llfhough its different currents have not hecn IS clearly define as those of European countries, has her for years controlled by petit bourgeo ll clementth has compromised with bourgeois Liberalism to a point where its campaign literature, and the writings of its leaders, sounded like a movement to return to Jefm fersonian Democracy; it has pushed re formisnt to a point where the Progressive Party could safely adopt planks from its platform; it has entangled itself with capitalistic parl amentarisni to the point where Meyer London could support the war and still he renominated whcre Socialist Aldcre men could Vote for Liberty Bonds and still he asked to speak at official Party meeting to greet the proletarian revolutions in 17. 11»
ropewwh cre a Socialist Mayor could join Gompers Alliance for Labor and Democracy. and not be censured.
The Non Partisan League, the Labor Party. the League of Free Nations, the People Council to the support of all these our 50cialist leaders instinctively rush to the support of everything except Revolutionary Socialism. They greet Kerensky as a revo lutionary proletarian; they endorse the leert Scheidemann Government as it Socialist Government; they hasten to send delegates to the Berne Conference of socialpzitriots, who are as responsible for the war as Vilhelm. e of the Left Ving declare that we re pudiate Moderate Socialism and all its bourgeois affiliations, whose activities, howA cver sincerely meant, are nevertheless dirr Ied toward patching up the capitalist sysu and avoiding the Social Rrwlmhm. demand that the American Socialist Party adopt this attitude. take our stand with the Russian Communist Parry (Bolsheviki. with the Sparmuucs Ol Herman. and the Lomluunists of Hungary and Bavaria, believing that only through the Dictatorship of the Proletariat can the Socialist order be brought about, And in token of our position, we have named our official organ The New York Communist.
Why the New York Communist?
HY does the New York Left Ving establish another paper? Isn The Revolutionary Age enough to represent the Left Wing? Are we fighting The Revolutionary Age? If not, if we intend to publish a paper which cannot compete with The Revolutionary Age, why do we call it The New York Communist? All over the country a multitude of little Socialist papers is springing up, all professedy advocating Left ing principles and tactics. With the resources of the Left 1ng so weak, why do we divide our forces still further?
First, let us make our bow to The Revolutionary Age, which, with the support of Local Boston, and. under the brilliant editorship of Comrade Louis Fraina, has, from the beginning, been the best expression of revolutionary Socialism ever published in this countrytand indeed, has created a new type of Socialist journalism here.
The Revolutionary Age is to be, without any doubt, the official organ of the National Left Wing, which will be created by the National Lett Wing Conference. This is made more certaimby the generosity of the THE NEW YORK COMMGNIS Comrades of Local Boston, who have passed. a resolution providingr thiat thepaper, with all its assets, shall be termed over to the Executive Committee of the Left Ving as soon as it shall be constituted.
But in the meanwhile, the New York Left Wing, which has taken the initiative in forming a National Left ing by issuing its Manifesto and Program, has no organ of its own. The Revolutionary Age cannot fill our needs. It is the organ of Local Boston; so far it has confined itself largely to being (Shroniclc and Interpretation of Events in Europe. it has no space. nor should it have, for the details of our fight here in New York; and it is published two hundred and fifty miles away, The Left Wing organized in New Ymk.
In New York, with its thousands of Party members, the Left Ving is fighting for con. f the local Party machinery, against a fierce and unscrupulous resistance by the petty politicians who direct the Party uni: chine. The Revolutionary Age has con :tributed enormously to the education of the rank and file in New York; but we need a paper here, After all. New York is the citadel of Right ing As long as the. nv iirc machinery of the Party is not in our hands. a New York Left Ving paper is cs sential.
Be it understood, however, that The New York Communist, as it now stands, is a more or less temporary affair. then The Revolutionary Age is turned over to the Central Committee of the Left Wing, The New York Communist will probahlv cumhim with it, as we hope other Left Wing ingans will. into a national weekly inter prciiug and expressing the revolutionary class conscious proletariat of the United Sinus, interpreting revolutionary trams in EurOpe, and conducting an active prOpr ganda for Socialism among the American workers.
At the present time we must strengthen and spread our Left ling propaganda among Party members everywhere. For that reason the more Left Ving papers, the Iiierrici so long as they hold to true Left Ving principles o. Kate Richards Hara has entered Jix fferv son City prison to serve her sentence of fire years «if the American working class stands for it. The war is over In no other country in the world would the government now dare to imprison a. working class champion for expressing antiwar opinions, Only our economic powerlessness makes us powerless to rebuke the insolence of the master clam.
Before the American Socialist Party can remedy such evils, it must enlist the economic power of the workers.
All Socialist news for The New York Communist should be received at the office at 43 West West 29th Street not later than Tuesday evening at P.
Comrades everywhere are requested to send us reports of all Branch and Local meetings. and all Central and Executive Committee meetings, at which aetion is taken upon the Left Ving Manifesto and Program; or at which matters of interest to members of the Left Wing are acted upon.