THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST Socialist Tactics. It New York lixeeutiIe Secretary Berber caused a mild sensation in the SMI tnmutittee meeting on Suudm last I suddenly producing and reading wines of the Ininuws of the Left mg (it) Cour IrLuI e. That the minutes disproved what llt uugltl to move: that Comrade Gitltnv had been sent out by the Left ing. State toiganizcr. If little moment. The questinn is: here did. uocv get the minutes?
The cit Wing is not a secret oygm timtion. Its Central Committee 1th openly :mtl now that the Left Vim: is in posses5. of a medium of expression. the minutes Ivi be published. are informed that. ncr had an aotLIal copy of the minutes.
and this precludes thc possibility that he was acting on a report of the meeting here (lltl he get his copy? in! even the means )Ith IierbL employed to obtain :I copy of our minutes is not for the moment impor tam. The important point is that :In oificial of tht Socialist Party reads from copies ol minutes that he had no title to possess, to.
one of the highest delegate bodies in our organization. it was obvious to everyone present that he had not cnme by his copy olwnly. yet he was allmved to proceed without anyone making a protest.
The party has been protesting vigorously the espionage carried on in this nntr both by official government agencies nml by unofficial stool pigeon organizations. I llt. ll information obtained by methods miiustlv similar to those employed by the cspionngt agencies is laid before our Contrmit. no protest is made but on the conlrzi the Right ing Sits open cured and prI pznt to act upon the information. Jn hnt ground does the party protest against go yermnem espionage? ls this I: IIIIple oi Socialist honor? ls this lypical of the revolutionary integrity ol our Party?
The pusstssion of a cup at uur lninht did us no harm and coxmequemlx or are not suiitring under the sung ui defeat Are tlII Sl the methods the Right. ingimends to the in luture? Does the membership of the nrty support these nIedIodsIr Forewlrned is ioreanned.
National Let: Wing Conference The call for a National Left ing Con»
lcrencr. published in The Revolutionary Age, has our heartiest endorsement. bl as the Left ing has united all the lt lli) revolutionary elements Within the Party in New York, so must we join forces uh these same elements the country OI er, so. Is to organize more efficaciousl; for the capture of the Pam both locallI. Local h)
Local and Brand: it) Brandi: and rub tiLmally in becoming Emergency Party Convention, The Centrists protest that they agree :Iltmlulely with the principles and program of the Left ing. hm they do not approve ol sepante organization within the Party. How dun, we ask. shall we actually nu about capturing she arty machinery. lihev tell us to form caucuses in the Branches and the Central Committees; and at die some time an agitate, our principle: and program unong the rank and file. instead of tf ie of little caucuses. we substitute me big caucus the Left Wing. which, the some time agitate: our prin; eiplt and program. The National, Left ing Conference will create a National. the dclegn (cs to the.
Caucus. u hielt can prescut in action within the Party; disciplined and united lront. l! is true that the Left ing hns milled iv! an Emugcnq National Part) LamentiotL it is argued by many Comrades th in lc» his fan a National Left L oufi rcncc is unnecessary since Ute rank and filt is with us :lll llhl l, and. conference oi Lt it Win. delegates to the Energeney Convention. held a few days before. it. could accomplish our purpose cl arranging for united action in the (Martian.
To. certain extent this is true. But we.
nIusI cIncmlu that. although the rank and file of the Party members arc much more revolutionary than their leaders. they are not by any means united on the details of Party tactics The Left ing has an immense propa gnn la to accomplish before. in this country.
Ive have :I Socialist Party fit to take its place as the Hunt advanced and resolute section of the orking clsts parties. Even alter Emergency National Contention an eleeted, the education of the not. and file must go on. so that thtv may intelligently follow and pass on the signifidant action of the Emergency Convention. National Left ing Conference IvIll old. into one conscious unit the delegates of Locals from all over the countir. and their. roburn In their homes will carry into the remotes: branches Lelt Ying principles and tactics. which will operate to change the fundamental ideas of the Party more prm ionntlly that ten thousand speakers sent out on tour irmn New York, Boston other teIItt 0T SOIXlL. Will Debs Come Out, or Shall We Go In? Saturday, April 13th, Gene Debs went to prison for ten years.
Thu Mimi this paper. and etery tuenr1. of the cit Wing. stand square. behind the position of Gene Delis; and e herewith endorse the Smfi ll for which be. IIaLs con icted. Uene Debs told the truth about tlu war.
Every event that has happened since he spoke tho invasion of Socialist Russia by the. International Imperialism, the amiistice ttnns to Germany, the futile prurccdinp (If the impotent Peace Conference. at Paris. and the mobbings. supmmsiom and arrests of Socialists At. hour all these things. prove clearly to the blindest that the War was nothing but a unit tilt!. r. Ind no varkingmnn had nyplueinit The court which eonviotcd Gene Dabs, and flu Supreme Court. which susteined the etmzicvtion. proved his charge that the courts oi this country are cmted to defend and protect the mpiulisx chss sgtmst the workers.
The ruthless ruling class of the United States. hysterical at the sight of red clouds in the east. turns instinctively to its soc weapon against the righteous wrathwt the tyranniu and exploited workers brute force. They have taken away our beloved Gene; they have shut in their ferocious bastitle our fearless Comrade, who dated to sneak what is in the hurts of thousands of us.
The National Executive Committee at the Socialist Pan: his arranged to hold five thwd of protest all ow the comm on May lot.
Protest? Io whom? To the capitalist GoIcrnment that put Debs in jam and whose spies and petty agents hue riveted on America. or the past two years a veritble White Terror? The Government pays no attention to our protests; the Government allows Tom Mooney to put in aim for life.
convicted on twinned evidence; thcfiowmmcm permits torture constitutions the jectors. and holds behind hers thousands of political prisoners. and: terms of imprison merit unparalleled in modem; countries Docs the Government yiohl to our pro tests. Inc hundred odd conscientious ob jet torh out of many hundred hatched: set free: heiure sailing for Enmpe the fist time President ilion pardoned one Socialisl political prisoner, who didn mmmir the crime for which he was eonyietodpand reduced the sentences of others; from twenty and fifteen years down to one, two and three years The press reports that he has.
sent from Paris for the papers in the Delta case. presumabl to reduce the sentence.
Nu. omades. our protests and our prayers did not win these contemptifie sops, It was the European comrades, the Communists of all countricS. who, growing tired of.
lies and hypocrisy, have turned to new.
The Dictatorship of the Pruletariat is the Iorkt ra answer to the Vhite Terror. It is to quiet the giant of awakening Labor in Euro that Wilson hands out these crumbs, fining. See. here an amnesty.
Democrat love the workers. mtwk art foolish. Prayers are despic Mile. The only to answer the brute lorn of the ruling class is by means of the nrmmizrd power of the American workers.
Right. justice, reason mean nothmg Wu: rulers: organized power is the only argu ment they recognize.
it the orkers of the United States use it. strip Ink for three daxs. the jails would opt and. Debs and our other Comrades would be free. e,;Ire nick of protests and prayer. nrc sink of rasviulitms and mniintflfi demand the release not pardon oi (ime Debs. e demand the rehash not pardon of Tom Sloane. We demnnd the release not pardon oi all political prisoners. o. The Amnasty Convention al has be ui poor «ed to call a New Amnesty Convention oi all the tioIIs in fawr via Worm amnesty for political pdsmem inclndiilgm fiberal societies such as the Civil MCIreau, etc e, have nothing but admiration for the handful of Liberals who stood out against: numeracy in this. eountry, not only M1: the War, but aftzrwud. Ve tediz: that Socialists owe them a debt of gratitude. WI heartily approve ol their desire to political prisoners in the ow Sums.
But the time has some toe. withdraw from active coop eznfiouin rdorll movements. and to dawn. hdr Mics to organizing the proletariat loos to make its qungth ten directlt whiob will do any with the genesisit (or Amnesty Cranm on.
Our mu: National Bun rm. Commit ol the Socialiu Pmy will not. there we dbll talc: whom finer) 59MW maintaining!
For these 3550 we W participation in charm! A, unit. Common. m a