THE NEW 103K. COWXBT Window on the World.
SAMUEL GOMPE RS COUNTRY. It. 5i. lUEL (30M PI LRS, oi the llt diedention and National Sean it; WC. arrived in New York. t huradat from M, where he has an interesting three months getting (liruun um oiathe Labor Movement, The pipe. report that as he walked down tlu gang pimtkhe cried, My country us of thu. Hint lady! liberty, while the tears rr Ili tl (Ii ll histhfks. 0n the way over In matlc nrtcaddresszi ou Patriotiami Well. in it must seem good to get home. iynin 11 ll: only tountry in the world vsluere tht workers stand for him.
KEEP YOUR EARS SUTTONED The American troops in Archangel hate nlutinit t! It appears that they were pais Ullt In ll kllt vik prf paganda. The paper. sai indignantly that when the boys fen. rilert to thc irunt. they asked their olIlcer unbarnusin: questions, and! u Vhy an. lighting these people? l tat hart elm (Iillll its? Has the United State. ti cmmcnt declared war on Russia? The that iht oilicer. Mildn answer these it: tium a minor matter; the horrible thing that theae are the name questions much the Bolsheviki have been asking. In lIl long service. said General March. liit til Stuff, don recall another in nm:t wlu rt American soldiers did not want u. fit ht They always have snid Lead u in it. it mum oi fact, the propaganda print. nu of u liich the upitalist pm: ha; been :t. irn. hm «been found to contain tea on iblt men who want to know why they are fighting. Naturally the military author inn lfi amarrd that American won go out aml ltil anyone they re told to. 1t. in he done with them? The (init rntnt nt rah allnw them to com: horne pt rhaps they would refuse to mob Socialist nut tinp mid trunk in file eye people who rriuaed to buy VM) Linn bonds.
In the meantime, hind look out for this nulsht xik pmpaganda. lt a everywhere. It nu hear rinyhody whhpering anything almut hull htfhl Unioniatn, aemm or a pulit fllln.
IHM GRANTS EIflGRATING llyrun It. Newton, Collector of the Port of New Yorln notes that the rash of aims in ul (Ilt lliud Sat Europe has rtugilrd a total of LMa by. The capitalmt prev. in beginning to get a little worried about it. ithjmmigntiui stopped to keep nut Ilolslm um, and all the foreigners here mung haunt. the day will we when unempli yment milieu and that what will a me oi the capitalist synta in Main?
Sick of brutal 0pm cowering mm the shamekss may of this country. mimaifited anywhueinthe world. ur disillusioned aliens anemic: to their ownltmds in hill Eva prim Revolution.
or illumined 5358 lightn ql. The melting pot is com Deportation? Mm depnt ten thousand Tudgn MG RM CMd to do. hundred ad would we come deputation wilt am, And wh En flit 1 are gone what then?
wan Americ Jpeea QiMI 9M :titun. manufacture Inge of products to dump on foreign markets. and thus capturt orld trade? The workers will strike ILand nt re will he no unemployed to fill llu it plaws, Shut down the mills and starve them? Titty will take the mills.
Stop immigration to keep out Bu!:htvi. hm smp emigration to prevent Bolshcrism.
Then let in all the parasites of Europe flee ing before the Dictatorship of the Fruittnriat.
What is the result?
IiuI she vim. PRUSSIANISM IN NEW YORK Like: the French ci dri ants. the American rulinq clans Itfirns notliing liut it forgets a good deal.
Mayor HyL tn and his illiterate Board OI Aldrrmen forget that Bismarck, backed by tht military machine of Imperial Germany.
trier in put over a Red Flag Ordinance, Ilt targets that 410th the Kaiser and the ;ir tried to prevent persons who spoke furcign language» from holding puhIie meek ing III Germany and Russia. In Germany this «as called Geruianiuiiunf in Runla. uxsiiiratiun. and Americavwith fatal lulzit. it Is tallied Ainuiuuiution.
Ix ct ntly. but not too rerently for Mayor ll Ian and his thugs to forget it anmething happened to the Rainer antithe Tsar. nd mm the ruling class of New York unenly arming against the worker. The m in: orld. of April 12th, prints Van zit count (if a new bureau attached to the New hurl; Police Department. to tie known as thtgllureau of Special Senice. At its head it special Deputy Commissioner john.
Sim. of the New York Stock Exchange. Iir perponnd hetween 3M and um nL rino ha re gitnnne. rm nilrlais nu nit nhu an: given polite authority and nerve without pay is Cumpukd of Wall Street men and prominant aim. mnmissioner Sha aays. The bureau. is flull ptlllllt fll, and its purpose is to Iurward. nwricani5m. The allowing answer to a reporter question it significant: Reporter. ill the new service ht: used in winter Prohibition? mllnlhx ilvlltf Sham. o. iudt ed. It is to tap. mt:l ica for Americans. It is aim»
Il l tll lllli ai in character and vaulted the taut mania mm with. hit.
lit: judge that he means keep America for. t! 5m. mhably based. pn the theory. Set a thiei ;to catch a thieI. set a all Street manta catch it worker Iryiru to steal back his living. DONI HRUG WWW. A enormous IAN. ltlermun ill lam Collin: ha! imm ducedanordinance Ik iofc the Boardof Aldermen making it a misdemeannur or three or more Know to nucmble and advise or advocate. whether by wordt.
at or gm againrt the enforcement.
oi the laws of tho nited flutes or 11dState. prescribing punislnm pt tor crimes and misdemeanoun or against the public peace of the. people ul the United Statuor of this State. It is stated lay the preu that thisotdinanee is satisfactory to Mayor Hyhn but we refuse to believe that Hia Honor 5! ante airy aatisfied.
As it it untal to search t. hc graft In hintany ordinance we are oi. the opiniun. tllzll somebody is contemplating starting a (Illllsc in public gesturiiig and oi course promo will pay well to be taught how to amitl going to jail. Just think a wellmeaning real estate agent, overcome by the lit anti of the site he in trying to iuist upon Bronx family, who tlm. is :trm towards the helium am who realize. Litr. that Hill Haywood uses this sell same gesture.
arc! the irate oltl gentleman. the bark of ho st neck has just stopped the olent light oi :m over ripe tomato. turning round to shake his list at a group ol sruatl hays when lit: suddenly remembers having seen a Socialist Aldt nnan emplo) this same gesture when reiused tidreu or a paradtiE. o The Telescope mial law or fire Irish Counties is one of the glorious achievement: of the par for nnall nationalities.
Imt then strikes in Limerick. Cork and Dublin an the th :ments of martial lau. learn on dubious authority that the. of is bringing present? to hear on Saint member: at the Right in: of the Socialhtt Party to have charges prelerred against Cutltradc Gerber or employing notiunion porch climber: to the Left Ying minutes. It rumored that the State Committee IIZli reduced its appropriation to the Call priming plant ivy half in order that it may hart funds to start an enquiry into Bolahorinn.
In reply to Conatant Reade we would state that the best method of keeping the cups iriendly on election day would he the establishment of a Party owned and mmmlkd cigar factory.
e Nth o Submitter. you hate not got the situation guin ri ht. Cn atarist in a person who too Lutideous to below: to the. ltight Wing and not iastidoousenough or the Left Wing.
In. yiew oi the fact that we are in a condition of suspended animation with regard to membership in the Socialiat Party owing to the action oi the State Committee in moving our expulsion. we would like to know if it will he correct to apealr at our 1h ienda oi the Right at Minimum?
Lloyd George when making campaign speeches used to ask. in a truncation!
pet oration. for humanism Indewnity Iron. many; but it understood tint. England is now willingtogive discount I) for rain. Smallprnlitaand quid return!
a Premier acne wan inform tun: Freud Deputiu that everybody. iaj ranee in u nation» at are Milieu «km and lot that win the committinaumu. til hate right to the unclaimniation. Consequently nobody ma any information. which in of the 0!
dent nu; we had quite mm