Russian Revolution

THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST Problems of the Representative of Soviet Russia Hy Nichol I. Hourwith. l. days ago the proletariat oi America joyously greeted the news of lhe appointment here of an official ropresntativc of the Socialist Republic of Rt sia. Celebrations on this account are still gnint: on. Everywhere meetings are ht ing held to greet this newly appoint amlnssfldnl. Socialist and lalmr organizations from all parts ti the country are sending trlrgranis of greetings and letters, promising aid and expressing willingness to help in every way the success of the cause ofiicially represented here by hintiand equally dear to the conscious proletarians of the entire world the cause of the roletarian ulutiun in Russia. the creative constructive work of the toiling masses already begun there to strengthen and deepen the foundation of the new Socialist connnunist system.
llut the revolutionary Socialist organizations of the American proletariat would hing made an incxcusably iatal enm had thee with an idea that now there is someout here who. without their aid, could take care of Revolutionary Russia limited them»
nu: only to these greetings and phlllliSCr.
iailing to translate all this into revolutionary activity.
The great significance of the nplnlintmvnt llt re vi a Soviet representative consists pre y in that tllis appointment opens llClnTC the Ann titan proletariat new perspectives and new opportunities. opportunities of revulutionary activity in direct contact and enqperatiun with the Russian proletariat and fine So d Govt nuneut. Kama. Tim any, nifil nllt of this appointment lies in thc fact (mt it presents Mreat appeal. reminding the American workingman that the emancipation of the workers cm be acmplished only by the workers themselves.
Not for a single momc it do we douht he. great importance of thl purely diplomatic. so to say. activity here of the Soviet representative. Still less are we inclined to doubt the magic power of the Russian gold. rthe influence of this gold on the minds and disposition of American plutocracy has pearly manifested itself in a most obvious manner. But, with all due allowances. givin? due justice to all this. we should like to s, Iuml a vmrninr, to the American workers mltl to. omrade Martens hintseli tzainst m1 undue exaggeration of the importance (vi. is purely diplomatic commercial functions lH re. We would consider it a fatal mistake it purely diplomatic commercial efforts become the centre of his activity.
However, as regards diplomatic activity. Comrade Martens himself evidently entertains nn sentimental illusions. In an interview gil fl by him and published the other rlny. he definitely and unequivocally stated: The Russian Socialist Fedeflth Republic does not care about political recognilion the United. Shtes. All that we want is trade recognition. Comrade Martens perfectly understands um. in the world of capitalistic relations, commerce in the words ol Kuzma Prutltov is the real thing. and Ill the rest nonsense. Commerce will create definite socialernnomic relations. a definite equilibrium in America.
ul social forces. after which, as Lulnmde Martens has it, the flag, i, e. political recognition, will follow. should like lo :10 a, little further in this alimlutely correct. truly Marxian reasoning. e slinnld like to emphasize that commerce itself the establishment of commercial relations between Russia and the nitetl Statesun ill come only as a result of definite social lorees the very equili hriuql upon nhich depends the success and thc saluitiun oi the Russian Revoluiion in general. ha. indeed, will guarantee the success of the Russian rolctarian Revolution? The Soviet llolshevist leaders in Russia, including Comrade Lenin, have. answered that question on several occasions. olnrade Lenin has stated that the filial trlumph or the ruin of the Proletariat Revolution in Russia depends (in whether the revolutionary movements of the proletariat and Proleatrian Revolutions in other countries will come to its assistance. And in this gumm one finds the key for the understanding of the present political situation!
If the remintimlary mot ement of the proletariat in other countries triumphs. then the conquest of the Russian Revolution. the lfnssmn Fovirt Rep diliw will he saved; and as a result. there will come also mm men inf and trade and all sorts oi other relations. ill. on the contrary. the revoltitinnary working class movement in other cnuntries fails. it will strike a mortal lllnw at the Revolution in Russia. And no coininertial and trade relations can help Russia in that event: hy. alter all. should the mitaiist world. capitalist America included.
need commercial relations with Socialist Russiat while the, cherished hope, of the rntire capitalist world is something greater.
namely tr) crush the revolutionary resistance of the Russian proletariat. to supllrc ss Socialism in Russia, and then swallow the whole of Russia with all her commerce.
trade and natural resources? nder present day political conditions, the revolutionary movement of the proletariat in all countries is the main thing. is the center of gravitation, is everything both for prnln tarian Russia and for the emancipation nl the proletariat of all the world. The success nr lztilute of the proletarian movement.
the strength of the Bolshevitt movement. in mtntrivs ruled by capitalist. is at the pres. RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY CITY com.
Herman. LEFT WXNG SECTION, socmulrr PAR IY. LOCAL. NEW YORK, APRIL n, 1919. llliRl. untrmlt L, Martens has been appointed by the Russian Sucillint Feat rand Soviet Republic as it representative in the of America. and HEM HS, the iorrn of government rs talvlishul in Russia by workmen. Peasants and Soldier. repreunu thehiuhtst ideals of the rrrolmimury Socialiau Wigner: a! the mad. therdove be it RESOLVED. that we greet most cordially their rptn cnlalinxt ovltlde Mont and usure him of nor undivided rapport.
ent moment a barometer of the lavunlllef ut openly hostile, attitude of capiulist governments towards Soviet Rugsia. lihcrcmblishnont of commercial inter. course between Russia and capitalist coun tries, with all its intrinsic advantages for the economic lite of Rulsia, 4m on her Eide In a certain degree similar tothe signing of the Brest Litovik Duty, meaty a mm to goin time.
All the iorgmng, in our opinion. tends to indicate a line of behaviour for the revolutinnary Socialist organiutions of tlic Ameri.
can proletariat, as well as for Comrade Mattcnfl as the rcprtscntative of the Russian Soviet Government. he ccnfrr of his attention. the evert tlllmnt campus directing his nutivil here. should be the interests of the revolutiunarv Sodaliu movement among thc American pmldnrin, the interxsts of ttr advanced guard, the hope and guarantee the success of that movemenl 1he Left Wing of the American Socialist Pliny. e are fully aware that in his manilolil activities he may not always. or even inqnently, be in a position toilet under tln banner of the Left ing; but he should taln: great care that his attitude (let not pml idr bait for the Right and Moderate social npportunists, thereby unoonscimisly to Still in 1hc hack the only bulwark 1nd hope of proletarian Russia those whom it invites to its lntemational Communist Congress the Left. Swinlist Wing.
With these wishes which ire It the sumtime Bolshevit Mo to Cnmradt Maw lens, we conclude our arficlc. Ve believe that the compass recommended by us, and revolutionary Bolshevil; sensitiveness, will help Cumnde Martens to orientate himself in difficult moments, and will guarantee stream to his coming serious and responsible work. Ve heartily wish Min that success. o.
The Jewish Mention ol the Socialist Party, which is one of the most powerful props of the Right Wing. and whose. action in reorganizing Downtownjewish Branch threatens to change a normal Lett Wing Branch into an abnormal (Right in y: Mitch. is publishing a magazine willed The MRI M66131. This magazine, evidently with the idea of armeuflag in its Right Wing tendencies, reprinted like first untilher an article by Comrade john Reed frarr The hm.
Comrade Reed give and gives no perm. sion to The Xntematioml envy other Right Wing Socialist ppm to reprint his arriving.
The Left ling endorses only one. lewish paper in New Yorkrber W, organ 01 the fem Wing. o On South youth. April the curtral Committee of Lou Kings instrmed.
the incentive Cam item to send copies lit the Left Wig Haiku and Brow mm all membenotlaalxinga;endtnufla Borough meeting for My to Mr the question 06 enduring the lflt Wing lhnifeno at! m;